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Flags on PRU_Miss_Saigon_SOTP in Golden Globe Race 2018 - Falmouth to Les Sables-d'Olonne

Seat of the Pants soler
This soler does not use routing software in this race.

Predictor lines and isochrones are allowed, as long as they are generated with a constant TWA or COG. This means all options in WxInspector are permitted, as well as hmm's sollog, AGage's optimal angles, brainaid's toolbox and more.
Sleepy Pennant
Flying this flag means you sleep at night. You are always a couple of hours late for at least one of the four weather updates.
Senior Citizen
The SOL'er must be at least 60 years of age.
Wooden boat lover
For all those who have sailed and love wooden boats
RETRO, no modern technology
Hardcore SOTP:
I declare I will not use modern technology for this race, with one obvious exception: gaining access to the official sol client(s) (includes android client) in order to control my boat. I may use all features of the official clients but other than that, I will not use my computer or even a calculator to determine my course.