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SPINNACER (Sainonline Polar Inspector Nautical Navigator And Calculator to Enhance Racing) is a simple java tool that can be used in combination with sailonline. You can open polar files (multiple formats, best used with "detailed data as csv" as supplied in brainaid's toolbox) and take a real close look at them, use them in calculations for delayed commands, or VMC calculations. You can also connect to sailonline with SPINNACER and the polar will automatically be downloaded. When you are connected to sailonline, SPINNACER can function as a VMC autopilot.

SPINNACER runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. To run SPINNACER, download and extract the compressed file ( to a folder of your choice. There will be a single .jar file inside and two folders, one for SPINNACER settings and one filled with polars. Depending on your operating system you can run the SPINNACER.jar file by double clicking it, or running the java -jar SPINNACER.jar command in a console.

For Windows, Mac and Linux

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